TOP5 juices

Fresh natural juices are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, as these are extracted straight from the fruits and vegetables. There is no fuss about them when compared to artificial and packaged juices. They are prepared essentially by hand and are very close to nature.

It is observed that not everyone is good in the kitchen. So, preparing a fresh juice at home can be a daunting task. In this situation, Juice Bar is the go-to place for individuals.

Preparing commercial juicer for bars is an art and the bar attendants are normally very good at this. It’s important for bar attendants to be familiar with different juice type along with their recipes.

Lemon and Watermelon Juice

The Lemon-watermelon juice makes first of our list. These two fruits have a similar name but different and abundant health benefits. With the fusion of these two fruits, we attain a great taste of juice.

This amazing yet simple combination has many benefits and it can be easily served at the bar. The recipe is also ever so simple. Just a single lemon and 4-5 slices of watermelon are all that you need. Extract them in a jar and you’re good to go.

Berry-Ginger Juice




Berry-Ginger is also a wonderful recipe for a commercial juicer for bars. It adds the benefits of ginger with the yummy taste of berries. Ginger may not be the tastiest item around, but its combination with berries is worth checking. The recipe is ever so simple to make. Add a single tablespoon of ginger to the extraction of about 10 berries and that’s it.

Carrot Orange Juice

Carrot orange is a great and mainstream morning juice and bars can benefit from its demand. For juice vendors, providing this healthy juice in the morning will mean regular customer visits each morning.

The juice has additional benefits when compared to raw carrots and oranges. Its recipe is simple, but a blender machine is most needed for the carrot juice extraction. The recipe for a single person’s diet has about 2 carrots and 3 oranges.

Pineapple Juice


Pineapple is a mouth-watering fruit and its juice is ever so tasty and demanding. The display of pineapple looks very attractive on bar’s display and it’s an attention seeker. Half a pineapple is the total recipe for this juice. Bar attendants need to just slice and extract the raw juice.

Apple Cucumber Juice

This minimalist juice makes last but not least of the commercial juicer for bars. This is a routine juice and it helps to get a clearer skin. Bar attendants just need 2 cucumbers and an apple piece for this juice.

These are extracted in a juicer blender to get the final product. Adding such healthy and tasty juices in the menu list brings regular customers to bars.