Juicer machines are one of the kitchen appliances that are used to extract juice from fruits and vegetable. For Juice bar and restaurant they require heavy commercial juicer due to large quantities of juice to be extracted and to avoid running out of juice for the client which can affect the restaurant or bar image negatively.

In today’s market a lot of features need to be taken to consider before you grab a juicer machine for example if the juicer is suited for fruits which therefore you need a gentle extractor machine but if you need for vegetable then u need to acquire a heavy commercial, mechanical extractor. It is good to evaluate your choices and consideration to find a good juicer.

How loud is the juicer machine?

This because too much will make your customers really uncomfortable and have a hard time to make conversations during the meals forcing them to talk louder.

How many glasses of juice can the juicer machine extract?juice-bar

Every entrepreneur may need a return on investment you make. It will be advantageous for the restaurant or bar to go into profits because the machine is able to run fast and extract the juice continuously.

ls, the juicer machine certified?

This very important information you need to know this because before the machine is released to the market it passes a series of test that is harmful to you like wiring part of the machine can have a short circuit. With this information, you avoid acquiring counterfeit machine.

Do you have to peel the fruit or not while using the juicer?

With the lighter juicers, you have to peel the fruits to avoid the motor from straining and causing a breakdown but there is juicer which is able to accommodate the peels because they are heavy commercially built.

Types of juicers.

Centrifugal Juicer.

This the old model of juicer that has a blade. The blades are designed in a way that they quickly extract juice by chopping up the vegetables and fruits and dumps the solid to a different container from the juice.

nutrifasterAdvantages. The machine is cheaper and readily available as compared to the cold press juicer. The machine is easy to assemble, use and clean. Extracting the juice is faster because the blades spin really fast.

Disadvantages. The juicer is as loud as a blender and may cause discomfort for the customers. The machine is less efficient because of it not able to extract juice from leafy greens as compared to cold press juicer.

Cold Press Juicer.

lt is also known as masticating juicer. This is a heavy duty juice machine that involves grinding of vegetable or fruits at a very high speed. It helps to separate the solid from the liquid. Then the liquid is passed through very high pressure during the bottling.

Advantages. Since the juice has a long shelf life you do not constantly have to go and make a machine and make juice now and then. You can make the juice at once, bottled it and store in the fridge.

This way there will be more concentration on the customer. The juice extracted has a long shelf life compared to the freshly squeezed juice which only lasts a day in the refrigerator. As the juiced is exposed to high pressure it kills some bacteria that may grow in the juice thus increasing the shelf life spun.

Produces low moderate noise that is environmental friendly for the customers in the restaurants, therefore, they can make themselves comfortable and have their conversations.

Good professional models for extracting juice from leaves and vegetables, therefore, a restaurant may consider this machine for clients who can walk in to order a healthy vegetable smoothie.

Disadvantages. Unfortunately, as the juice is exposed to high temperatures it destroys many healthy compounds in the juice and they are required in our bodies. A nutritionist may argue it is recommendable to eat the fruit or vegetable as whole but let us be honest only few people can eat a raw vegetable without feeling disgusted that is why the cold press juicer has come to save us all.

You can blend the raw vegetable and drink the juice at once and get done with taking your vegetables at that moment. Bottom line when you compare and contrast the two juicers you find that the centrifugal Juicer is more of home appliances while the cold press juicer though expensive and hard to find they are more likely to be used for restaurant juice or bar juice.