It is also known as cold press juicer. It is a heavy duty machine built for commercial use like restaurants. The machine can be used to extract juice from both vegetable and fruits by grinding them at very high speed.

The juice is then passed through high pressure during bottling then stored in the fridge. After the big boss review, the researcher found that the oxidation is slow so after the fruit squeezing the taste is improved and the important enzymes are preserved.


The inbuilt motor is able to mechanically run the big boss for a while without having to break down. The spinning is at high speed yet the motor is able to handle. It has a wide mouth feed which is able to handle most vegetables and fruits in whole, therefore, you do not have to tire yourself cutting the fruits and vegetables into pieces. lt has a pulp outlet. As you continue extracting the juice the machine also continue to eject the pulp.

Big Boss


The machine is able to extract juice from leafy vegetables. Most juicers are not able to perform this particular task. The high pressure is able to kill the bacteria that may grow in the juice thus increasing life shelf spun for the juice while been stored in the fridge.

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The juicer removes excessive pulp that may not be needed in the juice by the help of a strainer. The machine is less noisy therefore it is environmentally friendly to the user and the person who may be next to it. Save a lot of time for restaurants as they do not have to continuously extract juice because they can sell the bottled juice that was stored earlier.


Heavy-Duty Masticating Slow Juicer

The machine is very slow to run therefore may not be able to extract the juice continuously. The juice is passed through high pressure that may destroy compounds that are useful to our body.

Despite being expensive and difficult to find in the market, the juicer is the best option for healthy purposes. It helps you to save a lot of money from paying medical bills and stay on the right diet since you able to take your raw greens inform of liquid.

Using this machine you will find that the extraction of juices from fruits and machine is higher since it really squeezes the produce and eject the pulp much drier than other juices thus making it more economical. With more pros than cons, this is the machine to grab in the market.