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Does the sound of the term “juice” trigger your test buds? If yes, then be on the lookout for better juice bars. There are so many juice bars across America that specialize in different kinds of juice products.

Their taste is unique to give you a reason to keep coming back. Ready to go out and explore? Here is a list of America’s best juice bars you must try.

Beverly Hills Juice

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Beverly Hills Bar was opened in 1974 at Santa Monica Boulevard by founder and innovator David Otto, Beverly hills juice presents a unique combination of local and organically proven ingredients.

Here you get to delight in the taste of cold or warm ranges of juice products such as the famous Banana Manna Shake, coconut juice and even vegetable juice with a unique blend of fresh ginger. So the next time you happen to stop by Beverly Boulevard, make a point to quench your thirst with this excellent juice options.

Pressed Juicery at Southern California

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They are an excellent presentation of the fantastic work of commercial juicer for bars Pressed Juicery at Southern Californian. There is a unique history behind this incredible juice bar that defines the meaning of true friendship.

Launched by three friends in 2010, the bar has grown to be ranked among the best in California. With unique blends of nutty flavors, customers get to enjoy a variety of juice options based on what is in season.

From citrus fruits to a mix of vegetables and root juices, you will never run out of options. If you are sourcing for something unique to try out, then this is the place for you. Get your taste buds guessing with fantastic juice options at Pressed Juicery made from the best of commercial juicer for bars.

Juice Shop at San Fransisco


The good thing is that you place an order from wherever you are as they offer country-wide delivery.  This juice bar makes it to the list of the best for its health-based customized juices Being founded by Charlie Gulick who was at one point in life diagnosed with a liver condition.

This juice bar takes no chances in compromising one’s health. They offer the best health boosting juices to their customer in the whole of San Fransisco. Expect to get surprised with a menu list comprising of cleansing and detoxifying ingredients.

So if you are walking on the path of individual wellness or if you are struggling with health issues such as weight loss, this is the place to visit.